Waushara County Wisconsin 2024 SmartMap

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Waushara County Wisconsin 2024 SmartMap

What is a SmartMap? 

With the advancement of technology, our plat maps can now easily be viewed interactively on your Android or iOS compatible Smart Phone or Tablet computer. The SmartMap is an electronic version of our newest maps that has been optimized for viewing on your smart phone or tablet. These files are provided in a GeoReferenced Tiff, which can be viewed in Avenza PDF maps. This app is available free for personal use in the Google Play or iTunes App store. Commercial licensing options also available.

These files are great for personal or business use and are commonly used by: Realtors, Bankers, Insurance Agents, Engineers, Farmers, Land Surveyors, Hunters and other recreational use.

Why use a SmartMap? 
Ease of use. Just simply pull your phone out and you can view the map with a couple touches of the screen.
Easy to read. Zoom in as close as you need to.
You can customize the SmartMap on your Smartphone
Add your own points of interest
Add photos that are attached to the map
See your GPS location on the county parcel map. Great for seeing who owns property nearby!
Measure distances and areas
Track where you have been - Great for hunters and recreational enthusiasts!

After recording your data, information you have collected can be exported to a KML file for use in Google Earth or other GIS enabled applications!

Great for use while out on a job site. Example: A realtor showing a piece of property to a prospective buyer or a farm manager showing workers which property to spread fertilizer on.

All SmartMaps are available for download immediately after ordering from your order confirmation email. Installation instructions included.

As with all technology, even though SmartMaps are compatible with most Smart Phone devices, the speed of this product depends on the age of your smart phone or tablet.  The files are rather small in size (15-25 MB) but contain a lot of text to render and process. Some older phones & tablets may have trouble with this and may experience slowness while viewing the map.