Clay County Iowa 2015 Plat Book

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Clay County Iowa 2015 Plat Book

This Clay County Iowa Plat Book contains:

Landowner maps that concentrate on rural landownership with detailed acreage information, parcel boundaries and section lines. Each map includes highways, roads, waterways, railways and municipal boundaries.

Specialty maps include Clay County Iowa School Districts, EMS Zones, Drainage Districts, Watersheds, Voting Precincts, Cemeteries and Zoning.

City maps of: Dickens, Everly, Fostoria, Gillett Grove, Greenville, Peterson, Rossie, Royal, Spencer and Webb

Aerial photography maps facing the Landowner maps.

Landowner index that allows for easy identification of any rural landowner in Clay County Iowa.

Full Color printing, Spiral Bound, 8 1/2 x 11, 96 pages. 


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